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Diagnostic Way

ZF Diagnositc Software

 • ZF-Testman Pro Development 10.5


ZF-Testman Pro checks the functionality of all electronically controlled ZF products. All transmission-specific data required for a fast and comprehensive diagnosis are retrievable by the ZF diagnosis system Testman. Supported vehicle systems such as Intarder, ASTronic, ASTronic 2, Ecomat, Ecomat 2, ECCOM construction machinery transmissions, T 7000 tractor transmissions, steerings etc.

 • Current errors; 
 • Read error memory; 
 • Delete error memory; 
 • Read identification block;
 • Vehicle data sheet;

Test Inputs and Outputs:
 • System-check standstill;
 • System-check run;
 • Test unit (indication of all digital inputs and outputs);
 • Indication of all digital and analog values such as speeds, currents and voltages;

Repair support:
 • Tightening torques;
 • Setting data;
 • Special tools;
 • Test equipment;
 • Maintenance;
 • Repair work;
 • Pressures;
 • Circuit diagrams;
 • Electrical readouts;
 • PDF format;

Vehicle configuration - depending on product all vehicle specific data can be stored or shift programs selected and adjusted.



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