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Diagnostic Way

Renault Diagnostic


 • 88840133 interface
 • OBD2 cable
 • BNA 12-pin cable
 • USB cable
 • Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 (refurbished)*
 • Renault Diag NG10 Diagnostica+ 1.05
 • Renault Diag NG10 LCV Diagnostic 1.75
 • Renault Diag NG10 Teach Me 1.05
 • Renault Diag NG10 Tech Tool (RTT) 1.12 / VCADS Pro 2.40 (Development)
 • Renault Truck Consult 2012 (spare parts)
 • Renault Trucks Diag NG3/NG10 Calculator


This dealer kit will allow to diagnose and program all LCV and all Renault trucks with not DXi and DXi engines. Supported languages by Diag NG10 and Renault Tech Tool. 
For programming parameters with Diag NG10 use Diag NG3/NG10 Calculator
For programming all possible parameters for DXi with RTT see  Renault Developer Tool software.



  OBD2 to 8-pin (cable for Volvo trucks)
dvd Renault Developer Tool (dev2tool) (special programming)
dvd Renault Trucks Diag NG3/NG10 Calculator (special programming)
adblue AdBlue Emulation Module




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