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Diagnostic Way

DAF Diagnostic Kit (VCI-560 MUX)

DAF diagnostic

 • VCI-560 MUX
 • 16-pin cable
 • OBD2 cable
 • USB cable
 • DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.5.3
 • DAF Davie Application 56.01
 • DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 12.04.F0


With this kit you can diagnose, troubleshoot and program:

 • CAB climate system.
 • Safety system.
 • Security system.
 • Transmission system.
 • Vehicle control system.
 • Door control system.
 • Instrumentation system.
 • Engine system.
 • Tachograph.
 • Communication system.
 • After treatment system.
 • Break system.

Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian,
Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Turkish.
ad blue Ad Blue Emulation Module
dvd software DAF Rapido 2011 (spare parts)




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