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Mercedes DAS Xentry SDMEDIA description of the catalogue: The program Mercedes DAS Xentry ( Star Diagnosis ) is intended for diagnostics of any cars of firm Mercedes. On DVD there is an information for updating data of the diagnostic device Star Diagnosis.


• SDConnect 4 (very good quality)
• OBD2 cable
• 38-pin cable
• 14-pin cable
• 8-pin cable
• Network cable
• Dell Latitude D620 (refurbished)*
• Mercedes-Benz Xentry DAS 2012/3(Developer)
• Mercedes-Benz EWA net EPC 2012/3 (Electronic Parts Catalog)
• Mercedes-Benz EWA net WIS-ASRA 2012/3
• Mercedes-Benz SDMedia 2012/1 (Star Diagnosis Media)
• Mitsubishi MUT III (Fuso version) 1.11 (diagnostic system)

Xentry DAS (Diagnostic Assistance System) – is the full diagnostic system for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. All functions for diagnosis including reprogramming, configuration, initialization, fault diagnosis and guided diagnostic tests are contained within DAS. All control unit software (reprogramming calibrations) is contained within the DAS software.
Developer is an extension to the DAS of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This extension allows in-depth manipulation of the configuration, data and programs stored inside the electronic control units of Mercedes vehicles. This extension is normally used at the factory in order to facilitate development and testing of on-board electronic systems.
EOL module enabled to program speed limit and max torque.
Special functions can be used without entering code.

WIS (Workshop Information System) contains the technical workshop manuals including diagnosis procedures and all assembly/disassemble of vehicles. Provides wiring diagrams, installation instructions, detailed technical information and repair information. Available as WIS Standalone and Wis Networked.

ASRA (Arbeitstexte, Standardtexte, Richtzeiten and Arbeitswerte) Operation Texts, Standard Texts, flat rates and work units. This forms the basis for writing work orders and invoices.

SDmedia (Star Diagnosis Media) is your base of knowledge about the system Star Diagnosis. Video, animation and audio files to help you with troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of passenger cars, minivans, trucks and equipment Unimog. Open SDmedia you can click on the icon on the desktop or directly from the Diagnosis Assistance System (DAS). SDmedia a bridge between information and repair program Mercedes WIS, diagnostic system, Mercedes Star Diagnosis, and TIPS media library and knowledge base in the Star Diagnosis.



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